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Charco Broiler owner Stan McGarvey's magic number is 30. That's how many full time staff he can employ at the Fort Collins restaurant without bumping up against a new federal law that will require the restaurant to provide health insurance to its workers.

As several provisions of the federal Affordable Health Care Act get ready to kick in next year, small businesses are bracing for impact, even though many are still scratching their heads about how it will affect them. Perhaps the biggest change is the federal law McGarvey is trying to avoid. Beginning in January, everyone will be required to have health insurance and businesses with the equivalent of 50 or more full time employees, or FTEs, must offer it to their workers or face fines.

To bring his employee count under 50 FTEs, McGarvey trimmed hours from three full time workers. With the combination of 30 full time and 42 part time workers, Charco Broiler just misses the 50 employee threshold, he said.

It's one of the unintended consequences of the federal mandate, said David May, president and CEO of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce. "Instead of companies being focused on serving their customers and the best ways to do that, they are spending time on how Buy Boldenone India to reconfigure their companies to stay in business because of the costs of health care."

It's not that McGarvey doesn't want to provide insurance, the restaurant just can't afford it, he said.

"I wish it was more affordable so I could provide it for the employees . I don't know that health care reform has really addressed the issue of affordable health care, it's just trying to figure out who's going to pay for it. Any business that has those increases just passes it along to the consumer. The costs have to be made up somewhere."

To help small businesses and some of the 800,000 Colorado residents who were uninsured in 2011, the Colorado Legislature passed the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange, which opens in October.

The exchange offers a new Web based marketplace for consumers to shop for health insurance plans that meet their needs and that they can afford. It also provides "Anaboliset Aineet" tax credits for eligible small employers that may want to begin offering health insurance.

The Small Employer Health Options Program, or SHOP, will be available to businesses with 25 or fewer employees. Tax credits of up to 50 percent 35 percent for nonprofits of the employer contribution are available on a sliding scale, said Patty Fontneau, executive director and CEO of Colorado Health Benefit Exchange.

Whether businesses use it will "come down to ease of use and value," May said. "People use a service or program if it's relatively easy to use and understandable and saves them money. Whether they use the Colorado Health Exchange or some other exchange around the country, it all comes Gensci Jintropin down to that: Can I get into the system, understand it and will it save me money?"

What happens next?If you already get your health insurance from your workplace, little will change for you when the health exchange program goes into effect.

For others, once the health exchange goes live in October, they can start comparing health insurance plans online, talk to an expert for clarification and choose a "Anabolika Definition" plan that will run from bare bones to top of the line. The more extensive the plan, the more expensive it will likely be. Coverage will kick in Jan. 1.

State officials anticipate 75,000 to 150,000 Coloradans will enroll in the first Anavar Reddit six months and up to 250,000 in the first years.

In Larimer County alone, nearly 47,000 people were uninsured in 2011, according to a state survey. Another 49,000 were considered under insured. Of those Larimer County residents without insurance, 85 percent said they couldn't afford it, and nearly 30 percent attributed it to the loss of a job, according to the Health District of Northern Larimer County.

But whether health exchanges will be enough to encourage small businesses to begin offering insurance is still unknown.

"We are assuming 75 percent of our business will come through the individual exchange and about 25 percent through the small business exchange," Fontneau 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone said, indicating businesses may not jump right on board.

United Way of Larimer County sits right at 50 employees workers who have always been offered health insurance through the agency. The cost of providing that benefit is projected to jump $33,000 this year, a staggering increase for the small nonprofit.

"Every year, it's a continuing drama for us to try to anticipate what the increase is going to be," Executive Director Gordan Thibedeau said. The organization pays the full premium for health, vision, dental and life insurance for its employees and is committed to continuing to do so, but the perennial increases are eating up the pool of money United Way has for pay raises, he said.

It's giving Thibedeau pause about health exchanges and whether it may be a better way to provide insurance coverage, including underwriting the cost for employees to purchase their own in the individual health exchange market. "I don't know everything I need to know about it yet . I don't know if (exchanges) will be good or bad, but I do know as I struggle every year with our benefits package that it's not working so well."

The Colorado office of the National Federation of Independent Business has backed the exchanges from the beginning.

"They are designed Anavar Efectos to give us more choice than today and make it easier for employers Buy Viagra Berlin to determine what type of coverage is really the best and allows employees the opportunity to pick coverage that is more designed for their needs rather than a one size fits all," said Tony Gagliardi, director of the Colorado office of the NFIB.

Anything that encourages people to have coverage is a good thing, he said. "If an employer that hasn't ever provided coverage now looks at it and says he can give X number of dollars and still not have to deal with it, he just covered additional lives and that's a good thing."